Sr. No Topic Teaching Methodology
1 Cancer pain, indications of procedures and patients’ selection Case Scenarios based interactive discussion
2 Basic anatomical considerations with different approaches Lecture /video
3 Interpretation of X- rays, MRI  and orientation of fluoroscopy and other relevant imaging         Hands-on workshop
4 Neurolytic agents                                Tutorial
5 Overall management of Neurolytic procedure , including complications Interactive  session
6 Informed consent & breaking bad news Brief introduction & Group work
7 Intra-thecal drug delivery system, indications and patient selection  Tutorial
8 Sono-anatomy of spine/ other cancer related procedures Hands-on workshop
9 Spinal narcotics , complication and management       Tutorial
10 Making guidelines for common cancer pain and patient information brochure development Group work
11 Palliative care & understanding of  symptoms management Interactive session
Table 3: Course III: Common Interventions of Cancer Pain for Practicing Pain Physicians