Sr. No Topic Teaching Modalities
1 Introduction of course and understanding of learning objectives Brain storming
2 Basic anatomy and physiology of pain Tutorial
3 Basic pharmacology of pain
Need to add Anti-convulsants and anti-depression in pain management
4 Different types of pain and chronic pain conditions Tutorial
5 History taking and preliminary examination of patient suffering from pain Group work
6 Neurological examination of a pain patient Tutorials, live demonstration
7 Neck Pain/Shoulder Pain Case based interactive learning
8 Back Pain/ Knee pain Case based interactive learning
9 Abdominal/pelvic Pain Case based interactive learning
10 Headache/Facial pain
Generalized body ache
Myofascial Pain
Case based interactive learning
11 Practical guidelines for common painful conditions Tutorials on available guidelines
12 Acute pain
Trauma pain
Post-surgical Pain
13 Interventions in common painful conditions Live demonstrations
14 Chronic pain Interactive session using case scenarios
Table 4: Course IV: Pain Management for General Practitioners