Figure 3: Effects of prieurianin on plasma glucose and insulin, and adipose mass in DIO mice. Plasma glucose (A) and insulin (B) levels were measured at the end of prieurianin treatment. Prieurianin treatment decreased plasma glucose (fi lled bar) and insulin (opened bar) levels in DIO mice. C, D, Signifi cant reduction in adipose mass was observed in post-mortem analysis of in subcutaneous (C) and visceral (D) compartments of prieurianin treated DIO B6 mice compared to untreated and vehicle (DMSO)-treated controls. All studies consisted of 10 animals per group, except for the 3 and 5 mg kg-1 treated groups (n=20) in A and B. Experiments were conducted in triplicates for C and D selected randomly from the animals. Statistics were conducted as an ANOVA; asterisk, P<0.05 versus untreated and vehicle-treated controls. Error bars indicate s.e.m.