Figure 4: Effects of prieurianin on L1 preadipocytes and OP9 stromal cells. ( A), L1 preadipocytes were cultured in 12-well dishes and counted daily using a Coulter cell counter. Prieurianin inhibits L1 preadipocytes proliferation. (B), L1 preadipocytes were cultured to confl uence and then placed in a differentiation cocktail for 48 hours followed by 3H-thymidine uptake and cell lysates were subjected to scintillation counting. Prieurianin inhibits the postconfl uent mitosis and clonal expansion of L1 preadipocytes. (C), Prieurianin does not cause apoptosis in OP9 cells as measured by annexin V binding to cell surface phosphatidylserine, compared to the cytotoxic drug, doxorubicin. Studies were performed in triplicates. Asterisk, P<0.05 versus untreated controls. Error bars indicate s.e.m.