Control Subjects Diabetic Patients
Number of Subjects 15 46
Age (years) 38.9±1.5 52.5±0.9a
Duration of T2DM (years) NA 7.9±0.5
BMI (kg/m2) 25.0±0.3 33.4±0.5a
Glucose (mg/dL) 97.6±2.2 223.5±6.8a
HbA1c (%) NA 9.6±0.1
Positive family History of T2DM (%) 40% 78%a
Gender   73% male 35% malea
ap<0.05; diabetic patients versus corresponding values in control subjects. NA;
data not available or not applicable
Table 1: Baseline characteristics of study subjects (means + SEM).