L: Luminal; I: Intima; M: Media; Adv: Adventitia; C: Collagen; Fi: Fibroblast ● Core lipid, ↔ thickening of the tunica intima, ➨ SMC migration, ■ ■ ► I duplication of internal elastic lamina, ★ luminal thrombus,●●●●► rupture of elastic lamina, increase space in subendothelial,➨ SMC migration in tunica intima, ▲disorganization of tunica media
Figure 5: Morphological structure in aorta of control group (A) and submitted at high fat and high sucrose (B,C,D,E,F) of Psammomys obesus during 6 months (A,B,C,E : GX400); (D and F: GX1000).