Figure 2: Immunoreactivity of tight junctions protein (Occludin) in P. obesus retina. Occludin is expressed as a discrete line at the level of the outer limiting membrane (OLM) in normal P. obesus (A, A’), but is almost absent in diabetic animals at this level (B,B’). Quantitative densitometric measurement of band densities compared to α-tubulin confirmed the decreases in HDD (**p<0.01, ANOVA) samples (C, C’). Triplicate blots of occludin and α-tubulin are shown above each corresponding column. Bar in B =50 μm for all panels.
Abbreviation: GCL: Ganglion Cell Layer; INL: Inner Nuclear Layer; IPL: Inner Plexiform Layer; ONL: Outer Nuclear Layer; OPL: Outer Plexiform Layer; OS: Outer Segments; ND: Natural Diet; HDD: High-protein Diet Diabetic.