Figure 5: Expression of rod and cone photoreceptor proteins in control (ND) and diabetic (HDD) P.obesus retinas. (A,F) peripherin/rds staining is limited to outer segments of both rods and cones; (B,G) arrestin immunoreactivity is strong throughout OS and cell bodies in the outer nuclear layer (ONL); (C,H) recoverin immunostaining is similar to that of arrestin, and also labels scattered bipolar cells in the inner retinal layer (INL); (D,I) rod transducin staining is seen in OS and the lower ONL, corresponding to rod cell bodies (RCB); (E,J) cone transducin is seen in OS and the upper ONL, corresponding to cone cell bodies (CCB). With the exception of recoverin, expression of all proteins was decreased in diabetic conditions. Bar in J=50μm for all panels.
Abbreviation: GCL: Ganglion Cell Layer; INL: Inner Nuclear Layer; IPL: Inner Plexiform Layer; ONL: Outer Nuclear Layer; OPL: Outer Plexiform Layer; OS: Outer Segments; ND: Natural Diet; HDD: High-protein Diet Diabetic.