Creatinine (µmol/l) Urea
( mmol/l)
Uric Acid
Control group (C) 44±6.55ab 10.53±1.08a 152.5±61.51ab 71.25±5.30bc 155.66±9.12b 5.56± 0.50a
Diabetic control (D) 45.5±6.98ab 7.94±1.72a 187.42±56.34b 79.66±7.75c 141.65±16.93ab 9.23± 0.39c
D+C1 43±7.21ab 8.60±2.49a 147.57±23.34ab 53.25±1.06a 133.02±15.48a 8.47±1.96c
D+C2 47±1.87b 8.41±2.26a 136.8±21.01a 62.66±7.76ab 147.61±17.4ab 6.41±0.56b
D+C3 38±12.91a 9.46±4.98a 183.2±44.65b 63.88±20.62ab 144.81±7.35ab 8.41±1.33c
Values are expressed as means ± SE (n=8).Values with different superscript letters (a, b, c) indicate significant differences among groups at P<0.05 by Duncan’s multiple range test
C: Control; D: Rats with Alloxane-induced diabetes; D+C1: Rats treated with 125 mg/kg/day; D+C2: Rats treated with 250 mg/kg/day; D+C3: Rats treated with 375 mg/kg/day
Table 2: Effect of “Karkni” extract on creatinine, Urea, Uric acid, Total protein and Hemoglobin levels of alloxan-diabetic rats.