Figure 2: Effect of calcitriol on KLF4, TXNIP, OPG and RANKL mRNA expression in VSMC stimulated with diabetic environment. VSMC were incubated for 24 h with HSA (200 μg/ml), AGE-HSA (200 μg/ml) and glucose (250 mg/dl). In addition, 10-9 mol/l and 10-10 mol/l calcitriol were given to the cells 1 h after stimulation for an additional 23 h. (A) KLF4, (B) OPG, and RANKL (C) TXNIP mRNA expression were analyzed by real-time PCR and normalized to the GUSB and HPRT1. For each gene, an inset with a dot plot figure reflects the microarray gene chip results. Data are expressed as mean ± SD of 4-5 independent experiments. *p<0. 05 compared to control group-HSA; #p<0. 05 compared with AGE-Glucose.