Figure 3: The effect of exercise on PI3-kinase, Akt and PKC-ζ/λ phosphorylation in the gastrocnemius muscle.
(A) The activity of PI3- kinase in the gastrocnemius muscle normalized based on total protein levels. (B) Representative immunoblotting results and histograms depicting the ratio of phosphorylated to total Akt protein phosphorylated Akt, total Akt protein, and phosphorylated PKCζ/λ protein are shown (C). Data represent the mean ± SE; *p<0.01 as compared to the obese control group. p-Akt, phosphorylated Akt; p-PKC-ζ/λ, phosphorylated PKC-ζ/λ; EX: Exercise Group; EX-in: Exercise + Inhibitor Group; AU: Arbitrary Unit.