Cell type Parasite division rate   Mechanism References
  Unprimed IFN-γ primed    
Lymphocyte S     [285]
Neutrophil S     [285-287]
Adherent monocyte S     [287-290]
Nonadherent monocyte R R ROS; not TS [285,291]
Dendritic cell R     [285]
Alveolar macrophage R S Partly TS [155]
Peritoneal macrophage R S   [292]
Monocyte-derived macrophage R S ROS; not RNI [155,156,157,288,290,292,293]
Neuron S     [294]
Foreskin fibroblast R S TS [154,295]
Umbilical vein endothelial cell R S TS or ROS; not RNI [290,296]
Retinal pigment epithelal cell R S TS [297]
Fetal astrocyte R S RNI [294,298]
Fetal microglial cell R R   [299]
R: Rapid; S: Slow; RNI: Reactive Nitrogen Intermediates; ROS: Reactive Oxygen Species; TS: Tryptophan Starvation
Table 14: Division rate of intracellular T. gondii tachyzoites in primary human cells in vitro (according to Channon et al. [299]; with own modification).