Enzyme Gene accession numbers from ToxoDataBase a
Glucosephosphate-Mutase I (GPM1) 76.m00002
Glucosephosphate-Mutase II (GPM2) 641.m00009
Fructose-Biphosphatase I (FBP1) 20.m03907
Fructose-Biphosphatase II (FBP2) 50.m00005
PEP-Carboxykinase I (PEP-CK1) 80.m00002
PEP-Carboxykinase II (PEP-CK2) 80.m02252
Pyruvate-Carboxylase (Pyc) 76.m01567
In contrast to most of the other T. gondii gluconeogenesis genes,namely fructose-biphosphatase,glucosophosphate-mutase and PEP-carboxykinase, which are encoded twice in the genome,pyruvate-carboxylase is only encoded once and the enzyme is localized inside the single mitochondrion,while the remaining reactions of gluconeogenesis are typically cytosolic [365]. a(www.toxodb.org/toxo/home.jsp)
Table 18: Gene prediction for irreversible steps in gluconeogenesis in T. gondii (according to Fleige et al. [365]; with own modification).