Enzyme Gene accession numbers from ToxoDataBase a Localization
Citrate Synthase I (CS1) 59.m03414 Mitochondrion
Citrate Synthase II (CS2) 20.m03767  
Citrate Synthase III (CS3) 42.m03311  
Aconitase (ACN) 42.m03524 Mitochondrion
Isocitrate-Dehydrogenase I (IDH1) 583.moo674 Mitochondrion
Isocitrate-Dehydrogenase II (IDH2) 57.m00028  
a-Ketoglutarate-Dehydrogenase E1 (OGDH E1) 49.m03397  
Dihydrolipoly-Transacetylase (OGDH E2) 38.m00017  
Dihydrolipoly-Transacetylase (OGDH E3) 20.m03954  
Succinyl-coa-synthetase alpha (Scsa) 80.m00087 Mitochondrion
Succinyl-coa-synthetase (ATP) (Scsb) 583.m00592 Mitochondrion
Fumarase (FUM) 57.m01846  
Malate-Dehydrogenase (MDH) 641.m00168 Mitochondrion
FAD Malate-Dehydrogenase (MDH-FAD) 80.m00006 Mitochondrion
Branched-Chain a-Ketoglutarate-Dehydrogenase E1 (BCOGDH-E1) 49.m00028  
It seems that tachyzoites, but not bradyzoites, posses a functional tricarboxylic acid cycle because in cell homogenates of tachyzoites, activities of Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDH) and NADP+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase were detected, while no SDH activity could be found in bradyzoites [365,372] a(www.toxodb.org/toxo/home.jsp)
Table 19: Gene prediction for putative tricarboxylic acid cycle-associated enzymes in T. gondii and their localization (according to Fleige et al. [365]; with own modification).