Infected parasite Host statusa Resistance to infectionb Expression of HSP65c
Beverly strain Bradyzoite Non-immune + +
Bradyzoite Immune with sonicated T. gondii ++ ++
After in vivo passage
Non-immune - -
RH strain      
Tachyzoite Non-immune - -
Tachyzoite Live-vaccinated with a low dose of the Beverly strain ++ ++
aBALB/c mice were used as hosts; bSymbols used here represent resistance to infection; +: resistant; ++: very resistant; -: susceptible; cSymbols used here represented levels of HSP65 expression as follows: +: strong; ++: very strong; -: none
Table 37: Relationship between HSP65 expression and resistance to infection with T. gondii (according to Hisaeda and Himeno [595]).