Figure 2: Isolated cardiomyocytes were exposed to normal glucose (glucose 5.5 mM, Control) or high glucose (HG) and high lipid (HL) (HG/HL, 25 mM Glucose and 1 mM palmitate). HG/HL increased Cardiomyocytes nuclear presence of FoxO1 (A) and reduced cytosolic FoxO1 (data not shown) and increased CD36 protein expression (B) after 4 hours of treatment. Cell injury assessed as increased release of LDH was more severe in cardiomyocytes exposed to HG/HL than in control when cells were subjected to 45 min of hypoxia followed by 2 hours of reoxygenation (C). Data are mean ± SD, n=6/ group. *P< 0.05, ** P<0.01.