Figure 6: AGEs and/or alendronate modulate RANKL expression in osteoblasts. UMR-106 osteoblastic cells and Raw 264.7 macrophages were co-cultured for 4 days until formation of multinucleated cells. They were then incubated for an additional 4 days with 100 μg/ml BSA (a, b and c) or 100 μg/ ml AGEs (d, e and f), in the presence or absence of 10-8M alendronate (b and e) or 10-5M alendronate (c and f). Expression of RANKL was evidenced by indirect immunofluorescence, as described in Materials and methods. Inset table: whole-cell RANKL-associated immunofluorescence was quantified. Results are expressed as % of basal (BSA alone), and are shown as the mean ± S.E.M. (* p<0.05, ** p<0.001 versus BSA alone).