Correlations for V/A (mΩ/cm2) Correlations for VFA (cm2) by CT
r p value r p value
Body weight -0.20 n.s. 0.35 p<0.05
BMI -0.11 n.s. 0.43 p<0.05
Waist circumference -0.23 n.s. 0.44 p<0.01
Lean body mass -0.64 p<0.01 0.09 n.s.
peakVO2 (ml/kg/min) -0.49 p<0.05 -0.49 p<0.05
BS 0.52 p<0.01 0.20 n.s.
IRI 0.48 p<0.01 0.43 p<0.05
HOMA-R 0.60 p<0.01 0.41 p<0.05
We indicate the only significant correlations of V/A or VFA by CT. n.s.: no significance
Table 2: Correlations of V/A and VFA by CT for measured items (n=33)