Plant Name Side effects in human Dose
Anacardium occidentale linn Dermatitis 2-25 grams per day
Tribulus terrestris Sleep disturbance and irregular periods. Tribulus terrestris can interact with some heart medicine and increase their effect in the body such as beta blockers and digoxin 5-7 grams per day
Ricinus communisL. Excessive use in any form is harmful for stomach Seeds 3-5 in number, leaves 7-12 gram, fixed oil 25-50 ml
Aloe vera Aloe should not be taken internally during pregnancy, since it can stimulate contraction 125-500 mg
Hyssopus officinalis Its use is contraindicated in patients suffering from liver affections 3-7 grams
Trigonella foenum-graecum L. Long term use may produce headache and nausea 3-5 grams
Smilax chinensis Excessive use may produce dryness 5-7 grams
Urginea indica Nausea, convulsion and paralysis 3-5 grams
Acacia nilotica Prolonged use causes constipation Bark: 3-5 gram, gum: 1-3 grams, extract: 1 gram
Achyranthes aspera The plant seeds may cause emesis and decrease appetite 5-7 grams (Plant) 500 mg (Salt)
Aegle marmelos Excessive use may cause obstruction and hemorrhoids Fresh fruit: 24-48 grams Dry pulp (in powdered from) 2-3 grams
Laurus nobilis Stomatitis, cheilitis and dermatitis 1-2 grams
Curcuma longa Curcuminoids may possibly cause stomach ulcer 1-3 grams
Sesamum indicum Flatulence 7-12 grams
Allium cepa L. Headache and hyperuricemia Juice: 24-36 grams Seeds: 1-3 grams
Semecarpus anacardium linn Blisters, swelling, painful micturation, inflammation, and pharyngitis Seeds kernels: 250-500 Juice of pericarp:12-25
Matricaria chamomilla Large doses may cause emesis 1-3 grams
Gymnema Sylvestre When chewed, it temporarily paralyses the sense of taste for sweet and bitter substances 3-7 grams
Ficus bengalensis It may cause harmful effects on stomach and intestine 3-5 grams
Table 2: Side effects in human and dose [101].