Figure 3: EBV infection results in increased presence of autoreactive T-cells with reduced CD8 antigen density. A. Increased presence of circulating insulin-B autoreactive T-cells after EBV infection in T1D as compared to the levels of autoreactive T-cells in an uninfected T1D subjects. Background fluorescence for peripheral T-cells as shown is 0.19% to 0.27%.(left panel) B. Reductions in CD8 antigen density were specific for the newly appearing insulin-B autoreactive T-cells of the EBV-infected subjects. Long-term type 1 diabetics without EBV infection had smaller numbers of peripheral insulin-B autoreactive T-cells, but the density of the CD8 protein was in the normal range. Also the EBV-specific T-cells from the EBV-infected subjects also had a normal density of CD8 protein.