Hypothesis base on previous publications of ‘Photoluminescence of Bioceramic Materials’(PLB) Possible mechanism of PLB to reduce hyperglycemia Reference number
Molecular diffusion Through weaken the hydrogen bonds between water molecules. Thus, the changes in the physical properties of water may promote the diffusion of glucose across cell membrane into intracellular space [19-21]
Calcium dependent nitric oxide enhancement Bioceramic irradiation promotes nitric oxide (NO) enhancement through calcium-dependent nitric oxide synthetase, which is beneficial for glucose metabolism. [8, 9]
Suppression of oxidative stress Oxidative stress lead to abnormal changes in intracellular signaling and result in chronic inflammation and insulin resistance, and then increase risk of hyperglycemia. PLB was proved to suppress oxidative stress. [10-14]
Autonomous nervous system regulation(ANS) Since excess stimulation sympathetic nervous system activity is associated with hyperglycemia. PLB enhanced parasympathetic nervous system and counteract sympathetic nervous system activity, suppose to help ameliorate hyperglycemia [22-24]
Table 2: Hypothesis and mechanism of PLB’s effect on hyperglycemia.