Percent of Patients with Abnormal Symptom
Are your legs/feet numb?                    44%
Do you have burning pain in your legs/feet? 47%
Are your feet too sensitive to touch? 14%
Do you have prickling feelings in your legs/feet? 40%
Does it hurt when the bed covers touch your legs/feet? 11%
Can you tell hot water from cold water in the tub/shower? 5%
Have you had open sore on your foot? 12%
Has your doctor ever told you that you have neuropathy? 7%
Are your symptoms worse at night? 43%
Do your legs/feet hurt when you walk? 42%
Are you able to sense your legs/feet when you walk? 28%
Is the skin on your legs/feet so dry that it cracks open? 12%
Have you had an amputation? <1%
Table 7: Summary of patients’ responses to the MNSI-history questionnaire.