Figure 4: Changes in the Thioflavin T fluorescence of BSA or LAB+D-ribose treated with KSE.
BSA or LAB (final concentration 10 mg/mL) in the presence of D-ribose (final concentration 1 M) was kept at 37°C in Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.4).Thioflavin T (final concentration30 μM) was mixed with samples of BSA (Figure 4-a) or LAB (Figure 4-b) +D-ribose + KSE (4 or8 μL), as described in Materials and Methods. The fluorescence intensity of Thioflavin T was recorded (λex 430 nm; λem 465 nm).BSA (or LAB) and D-ribose were used as a control. Aliquots were taken for measurements of fluorescence spectra (λex = 430 nm). Values are the mean ± SD of three measurements.