Figure 6: Effect of KSE on glucose uptake in hippocampus neurons.
Hippocampus neurons were pretreated for 1 h with the various concentrations (7.5 or 50 μL KSE), and then exposed to 10 μM Aβ (1–42). On day 2, the Aβ (1-42)-induced hippocampus neurons treated with KSE (7.5 or 50 μL) were exposed to 2-NBDG for 1 h. The levels of 2-NBDG uptake were determined after the treatment, as described in Materials and Methods.The increase of 2-NBDG fluorescence was measured by fluorescence microplate reader (λex485 nm/λem535 nm). Values are the mean ± SD of three measurements. **p<0.01 compared with the controls.