T TG TGiAUC ApoB48            ApoB48iAUC
T   0.838c 0.676b 0.873c 0.860c
Insulin 0.672b 0.723c 0.783c 0.822c 0.884c
InsuliniAUC 0.793c 0.880c 0.710c 0.837c 0.791c
Table 2: The relationship between testosterone, insulin and lipid parameters measured in the fasted and postprandial state in the JCR: LA-cp PCOS-like rodent model. Values are expressed as mean ± SEM. Pearson correlation coefficients (r) were performed between fasting plasma insulin, testosterone, triglyceride, apoB48, and between testosterone the non-fasting or postprandial response in insuliniAUC, TGiAUC, apoB48iAUC following a high fat meal challenge. TG, fasting plasma triglyceride; TGiAUC incremental area under the curve for TG following high fat meal; apoB48, apolipoprotein B48, ApoB48iAUC incremental area under the curve for apoB48 following high fat meal. a p<0.05, b p<0.01, c p<0.001, represent the significance of the pearson correlation coefficient (r) shown.