Figure 1: A) Urine samples, (24 h collection) were collected during three nonconsecutive days before initiation of the fluvastatin treatment (T0). Urine samples were also collected at days 15 (T1) and 30 (T2) after administration of 40 mg/die fluvastatin and at days 30 (T3) and 60 (T4) after administration of fluvastatin 80 mg/ die. For each time point, a urine volume corresponding to 1 mg of urine creatinine equivalents was processed as described in the methods section to isolate the exosome-enriched fraction. Total exosome proteins were resolved on 12% SDS-PAGE and analyzed by Western blotting for AQP2 abundance. B) Densitometry analysis of the bands. C, D) at each time point urine output (diuresis) and urine osmolality were measured.