Figure 3: IGF1 DNA methylation and serum levels in Swedish men with normal glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes according to the genotypes of SNP rs35767
A. The carriers with the CC, CT and TT genotypes of rs35767 had decreasing DNA methylation levels among NGT subjects from 93.1%, 47.6% to 1.5% (P<0.001), which is similar among T2D patients (93.2%, 46.4% and 1.3%, P<0.001). B. There was no statistical significance but a tendency of increased IGF-I levels in T allele carriers in NGT subjects (CC: 161 μg/l vs. CT: 168 μg/l vs. TT: 188 μg/l, P=0.340 adjusted for age). Meanwhile, the circulating IGF-I levels were similar among three genotyping groups in T2D patients (CC: 150 μg/l vs. CT: 155 μg/l vs. TT: 149 μg/l, P=0.871 adjusted for age). Data were expressed as mean (DNA methylation levels) / geometric mean (serum IGF-I levels) and 95%CI.