Gene Single nucleotide Polymorphism PCR primers Restriction enzyme Fragment sizes
Name Sequences (5’ to 3’)
LMP2 (PSMB9) CGC/CAC codon 60 (R60H)[11,42] LMP2-2 GTGAACCGAGTGTTTGACAAGC Hha1 G:212, 40 bp
  rs17587 LMP2-1 GCCAGCAAGAGCCGAAACAAG 37OC for 4 hours A: 252 bp
LMP7 (PSMB8) CAG/AAG codon 49 (Q49K)[11,42]  LMP7-Z TCGCTTTACCCCGGGGACTGa Pst1 C: 194, 18 bp
  rs2071543 LMP7-BR AACTTGCACTTCCTCCTCTCAGG 37OC for 2 hours A:212 bp
LMP7 (PSMB8) G/T intron 6 [11,25] LMP7-7 TTGATTGGCTTCCCGGTACTG Hha1 G: 428,180,155bp
    LMP7-4 TCTACTACGTGGATGAACATGG 37OC for 5 hours T:583,180 bp
* p value calculated using Fisher’s exact test
** Odds Ratio calculated using Woolf’s formula with Haldane’s modification
@ Haplotypes were made using SHEsis online software [19,20]
$ haplotypes showing significant differences are shown
Table 1: Primers used for amplification of LMP2 exon 3, LMP 7 Exon 2 and Intron 6 for SNP genotyping [11].