Body weight reduction 6 month 9 month 1 year
Body weight r=0.552 r=0.515 r=0.599
Body Mass Index r=0.372* r=0.501 r=0.449
Waist circumference r=0.569 r=0.549 r=0.573
Fasting serum insulin r=0.723 r=0.523 r=0.588
2-h PGL serum insulin r=0.471 r=0.539 r=0.512
HOMA-IR r=0.663 r=0.423 r=0.495
All correlations are statistically significant: p<0.001, *p<0.01
Table 2: Pearson or Spearman correlation coefficient r between body weight reduction at 6, 9 month and at 1 year and body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, fasting serum insulin, 2-h PGL serum insulin and HOMA-IR at baseline; PGL= post glucose load; HOMA-IR= homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance.