Control-patients (N=15) Obese –normotensive patients (N=20) Obese hypertensive patients (N=20)
Glucose (mg/dl) r=0.33 P<0.05 r=0.35 P<0.05 r=0.35 P<0.05
Insulin(μIU/ml) r=0.32 P<0.05 r=0.31 P<0.05 r=0. 34 P<0.05
HOMA IR-index r=0.29 P<0.05 r=0.30 P<0.05 r=0.33 P<0.05
TG(mg/dl) r=0.26 P<0.05 r=0.31 P<0.05 r=0.34 P<0.05
TC(mg/dl) r=0.15 P<0.05 r=0.21 P<0.05 r=0.27 P<0.05
LDL-C(mg/dl) r=0.22 P<0.05 r=0.28 P<0.05 r=0.33 P<0.05
HDL-C (mg/dl) r=0.24 P<0.05 r=0.24 P<0.05 r=0.26 P<0.05
TNF-α (ng/ml) r=0.29 P<0.05 r=0.31 P<0.05 r=0.38 P<0.05
IL-6(ng/ml) r=0.15 P<0.05 r=0.17 P<0.05 r=0.22 P<0.05
IL-23(ng/ml) r=0.30 P<0.05 r=0.29 P<0.05 r=0.33 P<0.05
HOMA IR-index, Homeostasis Model of Assessment - Insulin Resistance; TG, triglycerides; TC, total cholesterol; LDL-c, low density lipoprotein-cholesterol; HDL-c, High density lipoprotein-cholesterol; TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-alpha; IL-6, interleukin-6; IL-23, interleukin-23.
Table 4: Correlations between BNP and the metabolic risk factors in the studied groups