Figure 5: Nrf2 protein expresses along with Cyp2a5 protein interactively in WT mice and NAFLD induces the two protein expression ((A) Co-immunoprecipitated with anti-Nrf2 and Western blot with anti-Cpy2a5 showing expression of Cyp2a5. (B) Co-immunoprecipitated with anti-Cpy2a5 and Western blot with anti-Nrf2 showing expression of Nrf2. Relative amount of the co-immunoprecipitation complex Nrf2 and Cyp2a5 valuated by the ratio of band optical density. All values represent the mean ± SD (n = 3) against the control levels. Mean differences are significant from control group at P<0.05(*). (1) liver extracts (input) were used as positive control; (2) immunoprecipitates from wild-type control group mice livers; (3) immunoprecipitates from high-fat diet group mice livers; (4) immunoprecipitates from pyrazole group mice livers; (5) immunoprecipit ates with IgG used as negative control; IP, co-immunoprecipitation; IB: immunoblot).