Incidence studies Follow-up length Country Clinical endpoint
Marniemi et al. [21] 10 years Finland Fatal/non-fatal coronary events
Giovannucci et al. [8] 10 years USA Fatal coronary heart disease eventsĀ  and non-fatal MI
Wang et al. [6] 7.6 years USA First fatal/non-fatal cardiovascular events
Bolland et al. [22] 5 years New Zealand MI
Mortality studies    
Dobnig et al. [23] 7.7 years Germany Cardiovascular death
Melamed et al. [2] 8.7 years USA Cardiovascular death
Pilz et al. [24] 6.2 years Netherlands Cardiovascular death
Kilkkinen et al. [25] 27.1 years Finland Cardiovascular death
Semba et al. [26] 6.5 years Italy Cardiovascular death
Table 1: Prospective studies assessing the association between 25OHD concentrations with incidence of cardiovascular events and mortality.