Figure 6: Renal 12-LO (A) and COX2 (B) expression levels relative to β-actin in WT with or without baicalein treatment and 12/15-LO deficient mice after 24 hours of LPS injection. Renal 12-LO expression significantly increased in LPS injected mice compared with control mice and was reduced in baicalein treated WT mice or in 12/15-LO deficient mice. Renal COX2 expression was significantly reduced in baicalein treated LPS injected WT mice versus control. Renal COX2 expression was lesser in 12/15-LO deficient mice versus control and increased after LPS injection (*P<0.05 vs. control mice, #P<0.05 vs. LPS injected WT mice, and λP<0.05 vs. control 12/15-LO deficient mice, n=4/group).