Histone modification
Source PTM Drugs Role of drugs Promoter
H3K9/14 ↑Acetylation Losartan Inhibits HAT RAGE and PAI-1
Esculetin(6, 7-dihydroxycoumarin) Radical scavenger         Anti-proliferative
H3K36 ↑Methylation Losartan Inhibits methyl transferase RAGE and PAI-1
H3K9/14 ↑Acetylation Atorvastatin Promotes HAT ACE2
H3K4/14 ↓Acetylation Curcumin analogue C66 p300/CBP-mediated deacetylation -
H2AK119 and H2BK120 ↑ubiquitination Esculetin Reversal of post translational modifications AT1R, AT2R and ACE2
H3K27 and H3K9 ↓Trimethylation - - ANP, BNP
DNA methylation
Source PTM Drugs Role of drugs Promoter
CpG islands Demethylation - - Keap1
CpG islands     ↑Methylation SPV106 HAT activator Cell cycle and DNA repair
Chromatin remodeling
Source PTM Effect of PTM Promoter
Histone deacetylation ↑Brg1, ↑Baf180 and ↑Baf60c Diabetic cardiac hypertrophy Fetal gene
Ser727 and Try705 Phosphorylation, ↓Brg1 diastolic dysfunction STAT3
Table 1: Epigenetic modifications involved in diabetic cardiomyopathy.