Description of the variable Name of the variable Value: total or distribution Source
Total of patients with diabetes G 1.7 million (2001) ENTRED 2001-2007 [1]
2.4 million (2007)
Total cost of diabetes C 7.1 billion Euros (2001)
12.9 billiion Euros (2007)
Total deaths related to diabetes D 29,971 (2001) INVS CepiDC[21]
34,599 (2009)
Distribution of patients with diabetes according to nephropathy severity G1 (Group 1) g1=12% HAS [22]
G2 (Group 2) g2=15% 100%-G1,3,4
G3 (Group 3) g3=51% ENRED 2007 [19]
G4 (Group 4) g4=22%
Distrbution of New cases (N) according to number of treatments received and corresponding groups N1 for G1 (With no therapy) n1=42% HAS [22]
N2 for G2(Monotherapy) n2=48%
N3 for G3(Bitherapy) n3=8%
N4 for G4(Tritherapy and more) n4=2%
Distribution of deaths according to diabetes severity G1 5% See appendix for details
G2 8%
G3 37%
G4 50%
Mortality Rate in each group (d) D1 for G1 d1 d1=5% Total Death/G1 population
D2 for G2 d2 d2=8% Total Death/G2 population
D3 for G3 d3 d3=37% Total Death/G3population
D4 for G4 d4 d4=50% Total Death/G4 population
Distribution of the total cost according to Lorenz Concentration Curve of Cost of Diabetes c1 for G1 0.50% ENTRED 2007 [23]
c2 for G2 2.40%
c3 for G3 27.40%
c4 for G4 69.80%
Table 1: Table of data sources.