Figure 4: Unchanged bone resorption, decreased bone formation and increased marrow adiposity were observed in T1D mice of all strains. RNA was obtained from mouse tibias and analyzed for levels of genes known to be bone phenotype markers. Levels were expressed relative to HPRT, a house keeping gene that did not modulate among strains nor were its levels modified by T1D. (A) RNA analysis of the resorption marker Trap5 demonstrated no significant change in all three mice strains. (B) Bone formation marker, OC, decreased similarly in all three strains studied. (C) Elevated aP2 expression was observed in all three mice strains. Control (white bars) and diabetic (black bars) mice for each strain were examined. Bars represent the average value ± SE (n ≥ 8-10 per group); * denotes p<0.05.