Author & year Design/Methods Results/Conclusion
Balducci  et al. [50] -Randomized controlled clinical trial
-4 year (4h/week) exercise program in diabetes patients without neuropathy at enrollment
-Significantly more cases of sensory or motor neuropathy in the control group during the 4 years
-Exercise may delay or even prevent the onset of DPN in diabetic patients
Smith et al. [51] -Individualized diet and exercise counseling in patients with neuropathy associated with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) for 1 year -Positive changes in intraepidermal nerve fiber density (IENFD) and reductions in pain in the visual analog scale (VAS)
- IENFD should be included as an end point in future neuropathy trials.
Chen et al. [17] -Randomized controlled trial with rodent model
-Daily exercise training in induced diabetic mice vs sedentary induced diabetic mice
-Reductions in diabetes-associated neuropathic pain, including thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia in the exercise group
-Greater expression of Hsp72 in the exercise group
Kluding et al. [53] -10-week exercise and resistance training program in DPN patients -Increases in IENF branching, reductions in pain (VAS), reductions in neuropathic symptoms post exercise program
Table 1: Studies Investigating the Effect of Exercise on DPN/P-DPN.