Study Name Location Enrollment Design Purpose Primary Outcome(s)
DENER-HTN France April 2012 multi-center, open label RCT RD + conventional medical therapy v. medical therapy alone Mean ambulatory BP, cost effectiveness
Renal Denervation in patients with advanced heart failure Turkey April 2012 observational Test improvement in ventricular function and functional capacity after RD in advanced heart failure population Safety measured by MACE
Global SYMPLICITY registry Germany Feb 2012 open label, multi-center registry Document 5- year safety and efficacy profile from minimum 5000 patients at 200 centers; data collection diabetes, CHF, CKD Long-term BP measurements after RD in relation to sympathetically driven diseases
DREAMS Netherlands Nov 2011 observational Test efficacy of RD on insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome Decrease in insulin resistance after 12 months
Renal Denervation in patients with chronic heart failure and renal impairment Australia Oct 2011 observational Feasibility study of RD in heart failure patients with renal dysfunction Safety measured by MACE
PRAGUE-15 Czech Republic Oct 2011 observational RD + conventional medical therapy v. medical therapy alone (5 years) Decrease in office BP, MACE
SYMPLICITY HTN-3 United states Sept 2011 multi-center, single blind RCT Test efficacy and safety of RD in refractory hypertension on a large scale Decrease in office BP after 6 months
ReSET Denmark Sept 2011 single-center, multi blind RCT Test efficacy of RD in improving ambulatory blood pressure Ambulatory BP change at 3 months
Renal sympathetic modifications in patients with metabolic syndrome China Aug 2011 observational Measure effects of RD on cardiovascular events , glucose and lipid metabolism Composite MACE
Renal nerve ablation in chronic kidney disease patients Germany Nov 2010 observational Evaluate and understand pathogenesis of RD in the CKD population Ambulatory BP, renal perfusion , Na+ excretion, RAS activity, vascular structure and function
Combined treatment of resistant hypertension and atrial fibrillation Greece April 2010 observational RD + PVI v. PVI alone to reduce AF recurrence BP lowering, freedom from AF
RD: Renal Denervation
BP: Blood Pressure
CHF: Congestive Heart Failure
CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease
PVI: Pulmonary Vein Isolation
AF: Atrial Fibrillation
MACE: Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events
These are the most recent updated renal denervation trials
Table 2: Upcoming Renal Denervation Trials.