Figure 4: Endothelial cell (HUVEC) expression of connexin-43 and caveolin-1 as a function of shear exposure magnitude and albumin additive, as measured by immunofluorescence microscopy. All data are reported as the mean SEM of independent experiments for intensity (A,C) and localization (B,D). Representative immunofluorescence images (connexin-43, green; caveolin-1, red; co-localization, yellow; all exposed to 4Pa) are shown for no added albumin (E), AGE 6 week (F), BSA 8 week (G) and AGE 8 week (H). Scale bars are 100m.* Significantly different from no added albumin and paired BSA (paired by shear stress, three-way ANOVA, P< 0.05), + Significantly different than 0.4Pa (paired by additive, three-way ANOVA, P< 0.05).