Figure 2:Staged angioplasties in the Posterior Tibial and the Plantar arteries concerning a severe neuro-ischemic “Charcot” diabetic foot: a) The initial Angio-CT presentation showing occlusions at different levels of all three tibial arteries. b), c) Regaining the flow in Posterior Tibial and the Peroneal arteries. d), e) Pursuing the angioplasties at the origin of the plantar arteries. f) The prime clinical aspect of the right critically neuro-ischemic foot. g) The clinical evolution at two months showing retarded healing in severe neuropathic background, despite correct reopening of the Posterior Tibial and Peroneal flow. h) Final result and correct cicatrization only after one year, owing persistent efforts of the multidisciplinary “diabetic foot team”.