Figure 2: Antioxidant activity of ferulic acid produced by L.f. 11976. (A) Commercially purchased ferulic acid antioxidant activity correlated with Trolox concentration using a QuantiChromTM Antioxidant Assay Kit (R2 = 0.9881, p < 0.0001). (B) Viability and (C) antioxidant production by free L.f. 11976 and (D) viability and (E) antioxidant production by APA microencapsulated L.f. 11976. Following 48 hours of incubation antioxidant activity of L.f. 11976 was 713.81± 3.72μM Trolox equivalents for the free cells and 699.52 ± 15.26μM Trolox equivalents for the microencapsulated cells (p = 0.450).