Pollutants Concentration at 1X
Heavy metals found in sewage water of Aligarh  
Pb+2 194.2 ppm
Cu+2 735.5 ppm
Cr+6 10.0* ppm
Ni+2 301.9 ppm
Cd+2 124.0 ppm
Pesticides found in Aligarh soil  
2,4D 78.1 ppb
Mancozeb 312.5 ppb
BHC 500 ppb
Phenolics taken to isolate tolerant isolate  
Phenol 1 mM*
Cresol 1 mM*
Catechol 1 mM*
Resorcinol 1 mM*
*The concentrations of phenolics and Cr (VI) were selected arbitrarily rather than actually found in the sewage water or soil of Aligarh sampling area
Table 1: Major toxicants in industrial sewage water and soil of Aligarh actually found and/or were taken for this study as 1X.