Plant height (cm) Samples 1-9
crude oil
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0% 8.40a 7.80a              
2%     8.40a 4.80c 4.20c 2.50d 6.33b 4.40c 3.50cd
3%     5.20a 4.60ab 3.66ab 4.50ab 3.00b 4.33ab 3.50b
4%     5.50ab 4.80ab 5.25ab 4.00ab 6.00a 5.40ab 3.66b
a, b, c................ within each row, means with the same letter are not significantly
different p=0.05
Table 4: Mean number of leaves of A. hybridus treated with different crude oil concentrations.