PU: potentiometric unit; COD: chemical oxygen demand; BOD: biological oxygen demand; F & O: fats and oils; TS: total solids; TSS: total suspended solids. VS: volatile solids; MPN: most probable number method
Parameter Unit Value Method
pH PU 7.7 Potentiometer
Alkalinity (CaCO3) mg l-1 1,310 Method 2320 B
COD mg l-1 4,306 Method 5220 D
BOD mg l-1 2,733 Method 5210 B
F & O mg l-1 300 Method 5520 D
TS mg l-1 3,862 Method 2540 B
TSS mg l-1 1,900 Method 2540 D
VS mg l-1 5,900 Method 2540 E
VFAs mg l-1 344 See text
Norg mg l-1 627 Method 4500-Norg
N-NH3 mg l-1 553 Method 4500-NH3
P-PO4-3 mg l-1 318 Method 4500 p
Total Coliforms MPN/100ml 2x107 Method 9221 B
Fecal Coliforms MPN/100ml 9x104 Method 4500 E
Table 1: Characterization of slaughterhouse wastewater.