Fungal strains Laccase(U/ml)a Biomass(grams)a
With dye Without dye With dye Without dye
KV9 3U 4U 1.341 1.378
KV10 18U 20U 1.288 1.398
KV11 3U 4U 1.375 1.486
KV12 34U 35U 1.528 1.541
KVA5 4U 5U 1.758 2.705
AKCH 2U 2U 1.196 1.212
(a: The laccase and biomass production after 13 day of cultivation of fungal strains on MEB at 28º C).
Table 3: Laccase activity (U/ml) in culture filtrates and Biomass of fungal strains in presence and absence of dye.