Microorganisms ATCC Number Growth medium Optimum Growth Temperature Application*
Thermobifida fusca BAA-630 Trypticase-yeast extract-glucose agar
Trypticase-yeast extract-glucose broth
50.0°C Degradation of cellulose and xylan
Thermomonospora curvata 19995 Hichey-Tresner agar
Hichey-Tresner broth
50.0°C Degradation of cellulosic substrates
Thermoascus aurantiacus 204492 Potato dextrose agar
Potato dextrose broth
45.0°C Degradation of lignocelluloses
* All were tested for their ability of degrade phenolic compounds
Table 1: The three microorganisms used as inoculums.