CEs Population

Application of Compost Extracts

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
ACE Bacterial (cfu Log 10 mL-1) 7.24±0.03a 9.47±0.01b 9.46±0.01b 10.40±0.01c
Fungal (cfu Log 10 mL-1) 4.40±0.10a 4.52±0.04a 4.20±0.10a 6.10±0.10a
NCE Bacterial (cfu Log 10 mL-1) 5.81±0.13a 9.13±0.05c 8.83±0.05c 8.46±0.04b
Fungal (cfu Log 10 mL-1) 4.16±0.16a 4.20±0.10a 6.36±0.23b 6.00±0.00b
±values are SE of the means, n=3 and means with different letters with in rows are significantly different at p<0.05 in compost extracts (ACE and NCE).
Table 3: Enumeration of bacteria and fungi populations in representative samples of aerated (ACE) and non-aerated compost extract (NCE), used in Experiment 2. The compost extracts were produced at the ratio of 1:10 w/v and amended with 0.5 % v/v of molasses and 1 % v/v of soluble ‘fish and kelp hydrolysate’, and were sampled immediately prior to the application to the pots. Results are expressed as cfu Log 10 mL-1.