Figure 3: 12% SDS PAGE showing IPTG induced over-expression of tce300 and tce350 sequences in E.coli DH5α cells. Lane 1- BSA, lane 2- DH5α carrying PR300 without IPTG. Lanes 3 to 6- DH5α carrying PR300 induced with 1mM, 1.5 mM, 2 mM and 3 mM concentrations of IPTG respectively. Lane 7- mixed molecular weight marker (97.4, 66, 43, 29, 20.1 and 14.3 kDa). Lanes 8 to 12- DH5α carrying PR350 induced with 1 mM, 1.5 mM, 2 mM, 2.5 mM and 3mM concentrations of IPTG respectively. Lane 13- DH5α carrying PR350 without IPTG induction. The 12kDa band expressed in presence of IPTG by DH5α carrying PR350 is absent in lane 13. The bands just above and below this induced band is also present in control (lane 13), as shown with arrows.