OPH Specific activityab Fold-difference compared to wild-type OPH
Demeton-S methyl Malathion Demeton-S methyl Malathion
Wild-type OPH 1.1x10-4 (0.68x10-4) 1.0x10-4 (0.49x10-4) N/A N/A
S308L.OPH 116.8x10-4 (0.50x10-4) 37.1x10-4 (0.10x10-4) 106.2 37.1
a μmoles hydrolyzed/min/mg total protein
b average of three independent lysates (standard deviation)
N/A, not applicable
Table 5: Activity of recombinant yeast lysates against demeton-S methyl and malathion.