Treatments of effect of sucrose on nodal segment
Treatments Code
Treatments of effect of growth regulators on nodal segment
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP MS/NS2 MS/NS2
MS0+3 mg/ L-1BAP+5 mg/L-1IAA MS/NS3
MS0+3 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-1IAA MS/NS4
MS0+5 mg/ L-1AP+3 mg/L-1IAA MS/NS5
MS0+5 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-1IAA MS/NS6
MS0+7 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-1IAA MS/NS7
MS0+5 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-1NAA MS/NS8
MS0+7 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-1NAA MS/NS9
MS0+5 mg/ L-1BAP+7 mg/L-12,4-D MS/NS10
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+20 g/L-1Sucrose MS/NS1+S12
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+40 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS1+S2
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+50 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS1+S3
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+60 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS1+S4
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+20 g/L-1 Sucrose+0.5 g/L-1 AC MS/NS1+S5
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+40 g/L-1 Sucrose+0.5 g/L-1 AC MS/NS1+S6
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+50 g/L-1 Sucrose+0.5 g/L-1 AC MS/NS1+S7
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+60 g/L-1 Sucrose+0.5 g/L-1 AC MS/NS1+S8
MS0+3mg/L-1BAP+5 mg/L-1 IAA+20 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS5+S9
MS0+3 mg/L-1BAP+5 mg/L-1 IAA+40 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS5+S10
MS0+3mg/L-1BAP+5 mg/L-1 IAA+50 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS5+S11
MS0+3 mg/L-1BAP+5 mg/L-1 IAA+60 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/NS5+S12
Treatments of effect of plant growth regulators on shoot tip
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP MS/ST2
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+3 mg/L-1 IAA MS/ST3
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+5 mg/L-1 IAA MS/ST4
Treatments of effect of sucrose on shoot tip culture
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+20 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST1+S5
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+40 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST1+S6
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+50 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST1+S7
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+60 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST1+S8
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+3 mg/L-1 IAA+20 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST3+S1
MS0+5 mg/L-1BAP+3 mg/L-1 IAA+40 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST3+S2
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+3 mg/L-1 IAA+50 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST3+S3
MS0+5 mg/L-1 BAP+3 mg/L-1 IAA+60 g/L-1 Sucrose MS/ST3+S4
Table 1: Treatments applied to study the effects of plant growth regulators and sucrose on in vitro nodal segments and shoot tip culture of jojoba.